Our Vision

The vision of SJS was very clearly elucidated by our Foundress Mother Baptista Simons SSpS showing what direction should Congregation take as it continues to engage with the world:

“Being rooted in the Love of Christ, we respond to His call to be prophets to the needy world, to raise the dignity of life in the changing socio-political context, and to build a society centered on justice and peace.”

In addition, “Awareness that our work is a participation of God’s creative and redemptive activity ought to permeate even the most ordinary activities,” Mother Baptista said.

Talking on ever-readiness she said, “We avail ourselves for any type of work especially for the poor, the needy, the handicapped, the aged, the orphans and widows.”

Regarding our daily conduct, she expounded, “In whatever we do, we should manifest Christ’s kindness, love, forgiveness and generosity.”

In very succinct summation: We are to ‘Live in Love, just as Jesus Christ loved us and gave Himself for us.” – Ephesians 5:2