For the S.J.S Foundress Mother Baptista, caring for the unwanted and rejected occupied a huge chunk of her energy, time and money. The S.J.S Congregation has embibed the Foundress’ values.

When she came in contact with orphan children who were despised, unwanted, and without love and care, she called them our children, considering and accepting them as gifts given by God Himself. She embraced them and helped them to grow together in a homely atmosphere. She, out of love for them, built a house for her children and called it ‘Hamara’, which when translated into English means Ours – all encompassing possessive pronoun having the connotation ‘our children’ and ‘for our children’.

Mother Baptista also had people plagued with leprosy and their dependents close to her heart along with aged destitutes who were rejected by their own.

The S.J.S Congregation takes special cognizance of the plight of people who are aged and destitute. There is a home specially for them called as Shanti Niketan (an abode of peace).