Mother Baptista didn’t believe that anyone should die alone having no peace and affection.

In 1969 she opened the first home for the old-age. This was built to help destitute old people suffering from lack of affection to have a homely atmosphere.

Mother Baptista’s wish was that every inmate of the old age home would live their last journey in love and peace, and wouldn’t have to die alone desperately as here they would have people there to care for them.

It was in her daily routine that every morning after breakfast she would go about wishing old aged people with ‘Good morning’ wishes and enquire from them as to how they are. In the evenings she would visit them again to know how they have have spent their day. She would sit beside them, listen them and hug them. She made them to feel recognized, cared and loved for.

The S.J.S sisters take care of the old and the destitute who have been abandoned or have undergone misery meted out to them by their own folks