Walking in the footsteps of our Foundress and Co-Foundress, S.J.S Congregation lays big emphasis on community development.

S.J.S as a religious congregation of sisters have the mandate of initiating, overseeing and maintaining community development activities at all levels – including grassroots levels – for society’s welfare in terms of holistic community well-being.

The Congregation believes in effective community development taking it as a long-term endeavour. It strives to be inclusive, equitable and grounded in learned experiences that lead to best community upliftment practices.

The Congregation works to make societal communities more responsible for their well-being, ensure that they develop adequate practices in health and hygiene, reduce poverty and suffering, create ample avenues for employment and economic independence, and build capacities to achieve social sustenance goals.

S.J.S Congregation works on all major aspects of community development among the poor and the needy.