Being a religious order of women, S.J.S Congregation is very well placed to expedite the mandate to work for women empowerment as part of its charism domain.

Given that women in society in general are relatively disempowered, S.J.S sisters work to empower them with the goal of creating social harmony and equality for all.

Gender gaps which hereto were a given in times past, S.J.S Congregation does lots of work to uplift women, especially widows, so that they occupy equal position in decision making powers that have direct effect on their and their family’s well-being.

The goal of empowering women entails seeing that women have financial autonomy, are viewed with gender-parity lenses, have adequate access to education, and partake with equality in their household decisions.

S.J.S Congregation, as far as it is within its means, provides employment for women in need.