Journeying on, on the road less travelled

Our formation follows the footsteps of our Foundress Mother Baptista and Mother Josapha


Mother Baptista drew her vitality from the heart of Jesus which is the embodiment of love and apostolic zeal. “Live in love as Christ loved us.” (Eph 5:2) then became her motto in answering her call. She found this motto from the sayings of Jesus. When the people around Jesus were hungry, He told the disciples ‘You do something for them.’

When Mother Baptista looked around, she saw people were hungry and were in help of basic needs. She moved out in loving service to all in responding to the call of Jesus to live in love, especially for the poor, needy, handicapped, the aged, the orphans, widows and all less privileged. Her attitude towards the deprived section of people was very compassionate. She was able to recognize the face of God in the poor and marginalized.