Our Events

Life of sisters from S.J.S Congregation is very lively, full of religious zest and filled with ‘events’. Events serve as landmarks in time and space where people rally together to join in as participants in whatever the occasion these events designate.

Big or small, all these events serve as milestones that help shape people into the wonderful persons that they are destined to be. Events of regular periodicity are a legacy served down to us from people of yester-years.

There are numerous events that S.J.S Congregation commemorates. Broadly, they are of the following categories:

(1) Congregation’s Internal Events
(2) Community Events (involving external society)
(3) Special Events – These are as special as they come!
(4) Landmark Events – One such event was the Golden Jubilee of the Foundation of S.J.S
Congregation on 13th January 2015.