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Community Events

SJS Congregation sisters believe that interaction with external surrounding communities is very essential in order for the religious order to be of any relevance – spiritual, social or otherwise. Hence our sisters participate full-throttle in the events that take place in local surroundings at all our mission stations.

S.J.S sisters as part of their pastoral work, participate in church feast day celebrations in the local parishes and dioceses. They help organize and conduct functions in the spirit of social kinship.

Sisters actively participate in functions organized by the broader Catholic Church. Many of these functions have ‘witness value’ attached to them. One such occasion is the celebration of Christ the King feast day wherein public procession are organized in public places.

Yearly feast days in parishes like Christmas, Easter Sunday etc are celebrated with gusto. We seek to as relevant to our surroundings as is humanly possible so that we may be useful as effective instruments in the Holy Hands of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.