Housing Projects Projects

Housing Projects

In the local vernacular Hindi, a man’s needs are defined by just three words: Roti, Kapda aur Makaan; which in English translates to Bread, Clothing and Housing.

Housing has always been a perpetual problem in India, and its burgeoning population is not helping this much. Housing for the poor and people with special needs such as lepers is all the more problematic.

Mother Baptista and Mother Josapha were conscious of this need.

God has been graciously working through S.J.S in providing housing to more than a thousand of families. Housing is one of the three basic needs of people – the others being food and clothing.

The housing projects undertaken by S.J.S are: (1) Lepers’ Colony (Ishawas) at Indore, (2) Palia Farmland Houses, (3) Sanjay Nagar – Indore, (4) Pushpanagar – Indore, (5) Catholic Colony Sendhwa, (6) Jiwan Niwas – Indore, (7) Shramik Niwas at Scheme No. 78 in Indore.

In addition to these housing projects, SJS also provides housing loans to the poor and needy on easy repayment terms.