Rain Water Harvesting

Water is available in more than ample amounts on our planet. The only reason we still see the lack of it in our surroundings is because available water supply is not harnessed well.

Torni Area Check Dams

SJS Congregation has donated a sizeable portion of its own land to build rainwater check dams in Torni area some 105 kilometers outside of Indore. Prior to these check dams, the entire area faced very acute water shortages throughout the year monsoons withstanding. Wells in the area ran dry as soon as monsoons got over.

After the construction of check dams to harness rainwater, the people were surprisingly reporting that most of their wells were literally overflowing beyond the brims!

Rainwater Harvesting in SJS Buildings

SJS Congregation has implemented rainwater harvesting into several of its own constructed buildings. These have been bearing good fruit as the ground water table has gone up and water is not available throughout the year without problems. Prior to such measures, procuring of water through water tankers on to-pay basis was necessary in summer months.