SJS Contributor: Brother Henry Dunk S.V.D

Brother Henry S.V.D played very active role in assisting Mother Baptista Simons and Mother Josapha. He assumed ownership of many pioneering works of S.J.S such as medical facilities for lepers and for the needy. He was in-charge of the various dispensaries that were run by S.J.S Congregation.

Important Biographical Information of Brother Henry Dunk SVD:

Born : 22nd July 1928
Entered Seminary : In the year 1951
First Vows : In the year 1954
Final Vows : In the year 1960
Mission appointment : 22nd August 1968
Left India after 34 years of service : In the year 2002

As of date Brother Henry is at S.V.D Home for Seniors in The Netherlands. He keeps active despite his age (90+ years) and his health. He keeps in touch with the S.J.S Congregation sisters and is in active touch with orphan children raised by S.J.S Congregation.

Brother Henry SVD at Zuiderhout in The Netherlands