Social Organic Agriculture

Let’s show God’s love to the future generation in the NOW! Let’s look after our environment.

As S.J.S Congregation has a commitment towards society and its well-being, promotion of organic agriculture has been its important thrust area. India being mainly agrarian society, this mandate of S.J.S charism domain resonates well with rural and semi-urban India.

Organic farming is a more socially responsible mode of farming just by the virtue that it is organic. 

There are lots of similarities between exploiting humans and exploiting land. Ultimately both of them lead to social disharmony and economic backwardness. Exploiting land impoverishes the soil and hence deprives farmers of their own economic sustainability through decreased or sub-par quality agriculture production.

S.J.S Congregation promotes organic farming as part of its responsibility to make resources available on sustainable basis for generations that are to come.