Spiritual Activities

In Him we live and move and have our being

Through our prayers, spirit of charity, missionary zeal and our openness to needs of others, we make God’s Presence a living reality. We strive to be a living witness to the power and love of God living a truly Christian life before all people wherever we are.

In living out our charism, we participate in the apostolic mission of the Church in the world whereby we fulfill the command of the Lord Jesus Christ to go and preach to all nations. We allow Christ to meet others in and through us, and allow Him to continue His work of redemption through us.

Special attention on the spiritual aspects of our Congregation is given based on our Constitution, recommendations of Church leadership, and on various Congregational and personal resolutions.

Our spiritual activities include daily and special prayers, periodic recollections, retreats, spiritual seminars, religious talks, intercessory prayers for others etc.