Water for the Thirsty Projects

In the beginning the Spirit of God moved over the waters says the Bible. Water exists in ample amount. May every one have access to clean usable water.

The typical rural and semi-urban Indian landscape of women hauling huge jars of water on their heads over long distances had disturbed S.J.S Foundress Mother Baptista quite a lot. Recognizing water availability as a basic human need, she responded with procuring borewell drilling rig from Netherlands and drilled thousands of borewells for people.

In the parched rural lands in the district of Jhabua, Mother Baptista constructed two water dams so that people who were forced to migrate from their homes in non-monsoon months for want of water, could now have domestic water and irrigation water available at hand all year around.

S.J.S Congregation is committed to render social service towards making water easily accessible to one and all. Under this, S.J.S actively promotes and expedites: